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A Great Life – Not The Average

We Believe In Living Life To Its Fullest! But In Today's Day And Age, Your Schedule Is Demanding And Sometimes You May Feel Like You'll Never Achieve All Your Goals. That Is Why We Offer The Most Exciting Lineup Of Nutritional Beverages For Improved Energy, Weight Loss, Wellness, Anti Aging, and Mental Clarity. Try A Cup Of Our Nutritional Drinks Today And See For Yourself Why We Are NOT THE AVERAGE Company.


Unlike many harsh stimulant products, our natural and nutritionally fortified beverages work with your body to promote balance and well-being.


When you give your body what it needs, you can enjoy a miraculous sense of vibrant energy and wellness, helping you through the day.


In today’s fast-paced world, its critical to get the nutritional balance you need, to help you achieve your wellness goals.


It’s important that your workout routines help you to get the results you want. Our products are designed to compliment your fitness goals.

It's ``Not The Average`` Product

If you want more energy, better mental focus, fitness and weight loss results, and an increased sense of well-being, then you have come to the right place.

Drink Nutrition. Feel Good.

Do you lead a busy lifestyle? Do you find it challenging to take care of your health while meeting all your goals? We’re here to help:

Our instant tea can give you an immediate healthy pick-me-up

It is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to give you a balanced lift and focus

Our nutritionally-fortified beverages can help your bio-hack your way to getting the best performance from your body

Getting nutrition into your life is now easy: have a drink

Helping those you care about is also easy: share a drink

Our products require no time to prepare, just open and enjoy

Not The Average Products

If you have tried other weight loss and energy products with average results, your search for a better product is over.

Our tea is full of nutritional power to give your mind an extra edge

It helps you to burn excess calories easily

Our Ingredients Are Packed With Age-Fighting Power

Our beverages taste delicious while being nutritious

When you share our drinks with others, you get an immediate smile

Life can be above average when you power it with healthy energy, youth, and the best body of your life

Weight Loss Simplified

Are you or someone you know trying to lose weight? Are you tired of gimmicks and unreasonable diet plans? Once again, we’re here to help.

Every cup of coffee or tea moves you closer to your goals

Our tea is proven to support weight loss results

Gently encourage your body to burn calories naturally

It’s easy, fast, and simple: weight loss on the go

You can now feel great while you lose weight

Our tea also gives you an added boost of mental clarity

Improved Mental Clarity & Mood

To live A Great Life you need more than just looking your best. You also want to feel your best.

Our nutritional beverages give you a natural sense of well-being

Healthy energy can give you more focus and passion again

It feels good to feel good!

Enjoy an energy lift in just minutes

Accomplish more of your goals with better focus and drive

The result is not just a better life, but A Great Life

How We Are Different

A Great Life doesn’t just strive to offer the best in nutritional beverages for energy and weight loss, we also believe in transparency and honesty. We really do care about your success and want to help you accomplish your body goals.


We encourage community and support. If You Have Questions Reach out! We are happy to help!

Opportunity & Trust

You can trust in our word, our promise, and our commitment to offer you the best products possible to help you meet your goals.

Highest Standards

Our products were created with the highest of ethical standards.


Our leadership team has already been through & overcome the challenges of finding great products that actually make a difference in your daily routine. A Great Life is their contribution back to all those looking for better products for a better life

Unique Products That Work

Our Products Are Formulated To Make You Feel Amazing And Ensure You Get Results.

A Great Lifestyle System

Enjoy amazing products and get amazing results. We have everything you need to create the life you want for yourself.

Great Taste Great Feeling

When You Try Our Products You Will Be Delighted With The Taste, and Feel The Difference Right Away!

How We Help

We recognize that achieving new goals, can sometimes seem daunting. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Weekly Healthy Leadership Calls

Each Week We Hold Leadership Calls Designed
To Train You And Help You Achieve Your Goals

Superior Customer Support

We Strive For The Very Best Which Is Why We
Provide You With The Best In-House Customer Support