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Find Out More About The People Behind A Company That Is Truly… “Not The Average” 

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Who We Are

Life Changers

A Great Life, Inc is a light-weight Direct Sales Company, with a unique model offering, massive savings, lower prices, greater payouts and a growing community of life changers.

What We Do

Our Mission

To Lift Up Those in Need by Providing Exclusive, Life-Changing Products For People Who Want The BEST Life Has To Offer At Prices That Don’t Break The Bank. We Run Our Business With The Best Support and Leadership So That Everyone Can Win. 

Save Money

What would your life look like if you could save money on many of the things you are already buying?  Pretty great right? Now, what if you could get some of the worlds best health products for the best prices found just about anywhere!

Get Healthier

How do you know a health product is working for you? Simple, You should feel it working!  Our products are effective blends delivered to you in proprietary blends that you can FEEL working! 


Within a few clicks of a button you can be in business. When you share these amazing savings and extraordinary products with people, we pay you!  That’s right!  Can You Say Residual Income?

Make A Difference

It feels good to help people find products that help them get healthier, it feels good to help people save money.  What’s even better? Every purchase made from your AGL store feeds starving children all over the world!

Your AGL Corporate Team

With a Collective 70 years in Traditional Business and Network Marketing Your AGL team has the knowledge and experience to not only provide you with everything you need to succeed, but they also have a keen sense for recognizing the right trends, structures, and technology you need to compete and crush the competition in 3 highly competitive industries. 

Wes Wheeler


It’s All About Living A Great Life.

The Foundation Of A Great Life Is A Great Attitude; When You Infuse Accomplishment With A Positive Mindset You Have A Winning Combination!  And That Is Wes Wheeler. Husband and Father, Wes’s, Positive Influence And Make-It-Happen Attitude In Sales And Business Management Have Been The Catalyst Of Success In Every Business He Touches. From his Prospering Signage Business, Flourishing Landscaping Company, to Nearly A Decade In Mortgage Banking, To Serving The US Military, Wes Has Been The Driving Force Of Leadership, Using Actionable-Steps To Building Things Up To Their Greatest Potential. And He Has Been Living A Great Life… It’s His Wish To Help You Smash Through Your Goals, Taking Nothing For Granted Truly Living A Great Life!

Dave Lear


He’s Not The Average Networker.

One Of The True Characteristics Of Leadership Is Integrity; Not Just Saying You’re Going To Do Something, But Actually Doing It! Dave Lear Started in the Home Based Business Industry Since 1993. He Generated Millions Of Dollars In Sales And Excelled To The Top Of Each Company He Launched Into Within A Matter Of A Few Short Months, All While Providing His Team With Training And Support. During This Time It Bothered Him That Most People Were Unable To Achieve The Success They Desire. He Quickly Noticed That In Each Venture, The Owner Had The Resources To Fix The Weak Links In Their Companies, But For One Reason Or Another, They Refused To Do So. After being let Down By Several Companies Over The Years He Decided: “ Why Not Create A Company That Offers: Amazing yet Affordable Products and All The Tools Needed For Success! “Most Importantly We Will Develop With Integrity Because This Is Not Your Average Company.“