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SO MUCH MORE than just a capsule for SLEEP!

1  out of 3 people that you know Is NOT getting the sleep they need to be healthy,
And Live A GREAT LIFE!  Scientists have discovered a single treatment that improves memory, boosts focus, strengthens the immune system, helps you lose weight, balances hormones and decreases people’s risk of being killed in accidents. Sound too be good to be true?  It’s Sleep. The problem is for some reason you’re not doing it.  We’re Here to help!  With a natural blend of ingredients that not only BOOST your ability to peacefully drift off into a deep and restorative sleep, but also boost your body’s ability to recover, reduce anxiety  alleviate symptoms of depression, help you lose weight,  look great and so much more!

“When you sleep less, your body starts To burn calories at a slower rate to preserve energy. In [a recent] study, people burned on average 400 more calories by sleeping for 3 more hours–that’s an Additional  2,800  calories  burned  in just one week.

-Psychology Today

The Role Of NIGHT In Weight -Loss Cannot Be Minimized.

Chronic stress and sleep deprivation contribute to abdominal weight gain, exhaustion, and imbalances in insulin release and blood sugar. Not the Average NIGHT is infused with a powerful blend of Herbs to reduce stress, help you get more sleep and assist the body in decreasing it’s fat stores. 



May Reduce Anxiety and Depression by Affecting Serotonin levels L-tryptophan, taken with taurine, helps promote sleep. Taurine has a calming effect and L-tryptophan has a more hypnotic effect People have called Taurine a wonder Molecule for the way it promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation.
In animal research, taurine protected against heart failure, reducing mortality by nearly 80%. Recent studies also show that it may Improve Fertility in Women With PCOS.

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Ashwagandha is an extraordinary adaptogenic herb with Anti-Cancer Properties. An exciting recent study has shown to that Ashwagandha may Improve Brain Function, Including Memory.  It has also shown to be effective in Reducing Blood Sugar and Cortisol Levels.  It May Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety and symptoms of Depression.
It has also been carefully studied for its effectiveness in boosting Testosterone and Increasing Fertility in Men.

Valarian is an age old herbal remedy that has been known for its effectiveness in improving sleep. But, did you know that when Valerian is Combined with Hops it also may Reduces Anxiety and Stress as well as decreases Menopausal Symptoms.

Recent studies also show that this combination Improves Heart Rate and may alleviate symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Night encourages the production of healthy melatonin levels.  It also promotes relaxation througout the body and allowes you to get rest.  And enhances wellness by supporting eye health, reducing heartburn and supporting the immune system

Gogi Berry and Passion Flower are incredibly nutritious and a superior source of Antioxidants which lends to their touted Anti-Aging Benefits. Many people fondly call it “Youth Berry” These antioxidant powerhouse fruits contain anti-cancer properties and
May Improve Blood Sugar, blood pressure and Cholesterol Levels.

You will be amazed at how you feel the next day. Experience better mental focus.  Recent studies show supplementing with many of our ingredients like L-Theanine Increased overall cognitive performance.

Say goodbye to those night time cravings 5-htp, gogi berry,  L-theanine and GABA Can Aid Weight Loss by Increasing Feelings of Fullness. Studies also show that it can help  with Depression by Increasing Serotonin Levels. 

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Not The Average

Our Precisely Chosen Ingredient Blend Has Been Sourced From Exotic Regions Like
Asia, Africa, and South America.  These ingredients have been used to naturally fortify the body as far back as 2700 BC.  But They Have NEVER Existed All In One Delicious Drink Until Now!
A Great Life has put these amazing ingredients together for you!  It’s Easy To Make, And Naturally Sweet So You Don’t Need Any Added Sugar! All You Need Is Water, Pour And Go! 
Hot or Cold 365 Days A Year!

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