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Not The Average SKINNY TEA

A Great Life / Not The Average SKINNY TEA

L i v e   A   G r e a t   L i f e ;   J u s t   A d d   W a t e r

You are AMAZING! You make things happen!
YOU deserve a beverage That Works With You!

Every day you will look forward to A Great Life’s
Not The Average SKINNY TEA
With its naturally sweet flavor and delicious taste,
Our “Skinny Tea” is truly “Not The Average”
because it wakes you up to additional health benefits
supercharge your day and help you achieve your #GOALS!

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What Makes Us So Special?

Our Precisely Chosen Ingredient Blend Has Been Sourced From Exotic Regions Like
Asia, Africa, and South America.  These ingredients have been used to
naturally fortify the body as far back as 2700 BC.
But They Have NEVER Existed All In One Delicious Drink Until Now!
A Great Life has put these amazing ingredients together for you!
It’s Easy To Make, And Naturally Sweet
So You Don’t Need Any Added Sugar!
All You Need Is Water, Pour And Go! 
Hot or Cold 365 Days A Year!

Not The Average SKINNY TEA By A Great Life
Works with your body 7 different ways to help you achieve balance!
When you take a look at our ingredients you will understand
why so many people are drinking our tea every day!
People who have been stuck in a weightloss rut are now getting
“unstuck” and achieving the best body of their lives with the
help of our Muti-Functional SKINNY TEA!

A Great Life’s Not The Average Skinny Tea not only stimulates your metabolism,
but it also increases alertness and overall brain function.
Improving mental focus and concentration by promoting blood flow in the brain.
Our Unique ingredients boost your energy level naturally and continuously
Instead of the sometimes jarring effects of other weight loss products, coffee, and energy drinks;
Products that will leave you with a crash later in the day. Instead, Our Tea helps you
concentrate fully on your tasks and Complete your To-Do List in a focused, relaxed manner.

So, Whether you’re feeling stressed, tired, depressed, or frustrated from an inability to lose weight,
we believe a cup a day of our tea may be extra boost you’ve been looking for.
Just take a look at our proven ingredients!


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World Tour Black Tea

Our Black Tea Has Been Sourced From The Highest Quality Of Black Teas from all over the world.  Did You Know Many doctors now recommend getting 600 mg of flavonoids per day for a range of health benefits?
A single cup of black tea contains an average of 200 mg of flavonoids. The flavonoid polyphenols in black tea known as thearubigin and theaflavin act as especially powerful antioxidants.  Amazingly, these flavonoids are more concentrated in black tea than in any other tea!
Consuming high-quality black tea on a regular basis may help reduce many risk factors for heart disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated triglyceride levels, IBS and obesity (R).  While The Tannins in Black Tea offer digestive benefits, it also contains alkylamine antigens, which help boost your immune response. Drinking black tea also benefits the skin; nourishing it with vitamins B2, C and E, magnesium, potassium and zinc, its other chemical components help to prevent acne (R). And reduce wrinkles and signs of premature aging (R).  Furthermore, studies show that one month of daily consumption of black tea reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol (R)  enough to boost your memory function (R)
and help you to lose stubborn belly fat (R)!

Garcinia Cambogia

If you have tried other weight loss and energy products with average results, your search for a better product is over.

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit also known as the Malabar tamarind. Studies show the active ingredient in the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, boosts fat-burning and suppresses the appetite  It helps keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels regulated. Studies show that Garcinia Cambogia appears to block an enzyme called citrate lyase, which your body uses to make fat. It also raises levels of the brain chemical serotonin, (the happy hormone) which may also make you feel less hungry. (R)


Are you or someone you know trying to lose weight? Are you tired of gimmicks and unreasonable diet plans? Once again, we’re here to help.

Indigenous tribes of South America have used coca leaf for its
health benefits for hundreds of years.  Today’s modern medicine is finding
more and more evidence of impressive health benefits.
Our extract is processed using a method that removes
the alkaloids while retaining all the essential active ingredients

allowing it to be used legally as a food additive and nutrient powerhouse!(R)

Erythroxylum is is a fundamentally benign herbal material
that is highly nutritious providing Flavonoids, 
triterpenoids, vitamin C,
amino acids, carotenoids, vitamin B complex A, riboflavin, iron, and calcium,
it may also help to regulate blood glucose, thus enhancing metabolism and
helping to reduce the risk of adult-onset diabetes and obesity (R).
Aside from all the health benefits, Erythroxylum
helps your body lose weight 2 ways; The active ingredients in the extract are highly
concentrated making it one of the most nutritious and effective
appetite-suppressing formulations available among today’s
over the counter weight loss supplements. (R)

Coca leaves can also be used to enhance physical endurance [R].
A 2,5 hour-pilot study of 14 adults showed that chewing coca caused the body to switch from
using glucose (glycolysis) to fat breakdown (lipolysis), which provided benefits during
and after physical activity [R].  
Coca leaves may be used instead of coffee as a
stimulant and energizer[R] and Studies also show 
Coca leaves also may act
as an antidepressant and improve mood [R].  
When Using Ethroxolyum for weight loss the
User will not experience any feelings of deprivation that accompany an ordinary diet,
nor will Erythroxylum cause the jitters or exhaust the brain the way
virtually all other weight loss supplements do.
Erythroxylum also operates as a potent anti-inflammatory,
so a person suffering from obesity with a root cause inflammation

would benefit immediately in various ways including reduced inflammation
and dramatic and swift but completely safe weight loss. (R) (R)

Ceylon Cinnamon

Did You Know There Are TWO types of Cinnamon? Cassia Cinnamon (the cheaper type with virtually zero health benefits) and Ceylon Cinnamon! (real cinnamon (with all the health benefits)  Average Companies use Cassia Cinnamon, Here at A Great Life We Use The GOOD Stuff, Ceylon Cinnamon.

We All Know Cinnamon’s uses in food, but did you know that it slows sugar from releasing into the bloodstream which can help
manage food cravings and prevent weight gain? (R)  
There are so many benefits of cinnamon when it comes to protecting the body.
Cinnamon is a natural anti-microbial,(R) anti-fungal (R) and anti-viral agent
It is used all over the world to help the body naturally fight off harmful infections and viruses

Cinnamon’s health benefits are also attributed to the type of antioxidants called polyphenols, phenolic acid, and flavonoids.
These compounds work to fight oxidative stress within the body, which can cause disease formation, especially as someone ages.
It’s because of these antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds it reduces the effects of aging on the body and brain.

Taking Just one teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have positive effects on blood sugar levels, digestion, immunity, anti-aging, acne and more.
However, stronger doses are also extremely beneficial for cutting your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.(R)

Because cinnamon reduces inflammation, it can also be beneficial in pain management as well. Studies show that cinnamon helps to relieve muscle soreness, PMS pains, severity of allergic reactions and other age-related symptoms of pain as well. Cinnamon also helps to fight candida naturally by boosting immune health and reducing yeast within the gut.



Chromium enhances the role of insulin and helps bring glucose into cells where it’s used for bodily energy. (R) Chromium is needed for normal metabolism of fats, including cholesterol. Research shows a link between higher chromium intake and healthier arteries and levels of blood cholesterol. Some studies find that higher chromium intake is associated with a reduction in adipose tissue (fat accumulation on the body) and better control over your eating habits.
Chromium can boost energy (calorie) expenditure, muscle and work performance. (R)

Because chromium is capable of improving glucose levels and insulin response,
it may act as a beneficial modulator of brain function and

is associated with a reduction of age-related alterations of the brain. (R)

To keep your metabolism running strong. It is important to make up for the loss of chromium
after any form of exercise. Chromium also slows the loss of calcium, 
so it might be beneficial for preventing bone loss
and bone-related disorders that are especially common as we age. (R)

L- Carnitine

Studies show taking L-Carnitine is a great way
to help shed unwanted pounds and lose weight faster 
combined with diet and exercise. (R)
That’s probably due to L-carnitine’s ability to
help the body break down fat. 
And the way it prevents fat accumulation
by increasing fat burning and energy expenditure during physical activity.
L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid
that plays a central role in energy production by
fatty acids into your cells.
Your Cells then turn these fats into usable energy.(R)

Human studies show impressive effects on boosting endurance levels
during physical activity.  
It can also protect against muscle damage. (R)
Some recent promising research has also found that
L- carnitine supplementation 
helps regulate insulin levels and
fight insulin resistance, which can be an early sign of diabetes
and is almost always paired with obesity.

L-carnitine isn’t just an excellent supplement for your body,
but it’s also good for your brain health as well.
In fact, some research has found that it positively impacts brain function and
cognition and can help reduce cognitive decline and improve memory. (R)

See What People Have Been Saying:


Ever since I started drinking the NotTheAverage SKINNY TEA I'm so much more focused! It's amazing everything I get done in a day that used to take me three days to get done!

Sharon Owens


I drink it, My Mom drinks it, even my Grandma drinks it. We love it! Gives us so much energy and focus without feeling all jittery. And a bonus! Doc says my cholesterol is down! Thanks AGL!

Michael Bell


I'm not a scientific guy, but whatever is in this works! I'm down 27 lbs!

Jordan Collins


Last year was really hard, I gained 20 lbs and was always stressed and worrying about everything. My husband is the one who noticed the change in me first, He told me that whatever I was doing... to keep doing it! He said, "It's not just the fact that you look so much more confident, it's so good to hear you laughing again" this AGL movement has really changed life for both of us.

Angela Garcia


I have always been a curvy girl, but after I had my daughter my body wasn't the same. I've been drinking this for 6 weeks now, and I've lost 14lbs! for me that's amazing! Whats even better is it tastes really good so I actually look forward to it. I don't want to start my day without it!

Bernadette Chapman


Our product has been specially formulated to dramatically improve your endurance and daily energy levels. You can feel this immediately upon your first sip.


Our tea is one of the most effective weight loss product in the industry – and they taste delicious too!


Our Mission is to share proven products that improve daily living and positively affect the lives of those around us.


Our products are uniquely formulated to produce immediate results in helping you to balance both body and mind.


By improving your physical well-being and energy, and by promoting a more active lifestyle, you can also enjoy greater stamina in your workouts.


Each of our products are nutritionally fortified with select natural herbs to help you achieve a more complete nutritional balance in life.


Consuming one of our nutritional beverages daily will help you to look and feel your best, and achieve all of your fitness goals.


With every sip our of our functional beverages, you have the opportunity to enjoy better moods and enhanced feelings of well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Not The Average SKINNY TEA taste like?

AMAZING! When we designed our tea, we made sure to not only create the best functional tea for energy and weightloss, but also the yummiest! In fact, in a recent survey carried out by a few of our product testers, 100% of them said, It tastes like Christmas.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving year round!

Can I drink it cold?

Yes, you can drink it cold or hot! Make the tea with hot water and let it cool down before adding some ice for a more refreshing taste!
Wes likes his best with a squeeze of lemon!

How do I make the tea?

For A GREAT Boost, drink anytime before 5 pm.  Pour 1 stick pack of NTA Skinny Tea in 6-8 oz of hot (not boiling) water.  Add your favorite tea accouterments. (milk, sugar, lemon whatever your flavor is!)

I drink coffee can I take this too?

Yes, you drink our Tea with any regular coffee.
OR treat yourself and add One Packet of our Not The Average SKINNY TEA  to your favorite coffee and add the creamer of your choice for a “Great Life Latte.”

Will I get Diarrhea?

No, Unlike many other “weight-loss” products out there this is NOT a cleanse. Our product targets weight management and fat reduction, not a digestive system purge which causes weight loss from loss of bowel contents and water weight.

Will I see results?

Yes, definitely! You will experience an immediate energy and focus boost.
As far as weight loss goes, YES, we promote a healthy lifestyle! our Not The Average SKINNY TEA is the best addition to any lifestyle. The tea alone contains ingredients such as black tea, L-Carnitine and Chromium which are known for controlling cravings, reducing fat storage, managing sugar and increasing metabolism! Our Tea should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise for optimum results, if you really want to Discover the Greatness within You!

Are There Any Side Effects?

NTA SKINNY TEA is made from completely natural ingredients, however, everyone is different and can react differently to these ingredients. The ingredients are unlikely to bring about typical allergic responses, however, do check the ingredients if you have any allergies.  NOTE: Our tea is created in a facility where peanuts and other nuts are present.

NTA SKINNY TEA contains a very minimal amount of caffeine, (less than a soda or cup of coffee) so it is not suitable for people with caffeine allergy.
You should definitely NOT experience diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping. In the unlikely case this happens, immediately stop consuming the tea and consult your Doctor.

How many packets can I have per day?

Our product contains chromium which has a daily value and a supplemental value. We suggest 1-2 packets per day. But no more than 3.
If your body isn’t sensitive to the tea, you can increase its strength by drinking more; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tea, you can have a milder cup of tea by using half a packet.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
A Great Life’s “Not The Average” products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.